Demand for video visitation is sweeping the corrections industry, including on-site and remote visits. Since remote visitation arrived on the scene in mid 2010, resistance to it has virtually disappeared. Put simply, the positives far outweigh the negatives. For example: facility traffic and related overhead are greatly reduced, those who live far away can now visit (improving inmate morale), and children don't have to "go to jail" to maintain the important bond with parents.


VISITTECH has provided video visitation since 2005, starting with first generation systems and now offering fourth generation systems which can even include revenue sharing. Fourth generation systems can provide additional functions, which are optional, such as: commissary, PREA information & management, law library, messages to all or select inmates, inmate email, education & entertainment video streaming, MP3 downloads, vending, debit cards, and more. These systems are virtually "App" platforms which will grow and adapt to facility needs and wants over the years to come.


ALL FACILITY SIZES ARE ELIGIBLE! We are able to provide systems for small to large qualified corrections facilities at no cost (sometimes including infrastructure!). Visitors who choose to use the optional remote visit benefit and other revenue producing functions "pay" for the system and our ongoing expenses. Normal on-site visits are free.


Clear Creek County, CO

Clear Creek County, CO renews the annual hardware service and support program for its video visitation system. The system was installed in 2008 with 3 visitor and 5 inmate stations. Since the original installation, two inmate stations were added. The support program covers all parts and labor required to keep the hardware in working order.


Adams County, CO

Adams County, CO goes live! The new iWebVisit video visitation system installation is complete and both on-site and remote visits are going smoothly. The reception has been very positive as many visitors from Adams County and well beyond are taking advantage of their ability to visit from home, office or elsewhere.


Tooele County, UT

VISITTECH and iWebVisit complete the installation of the video visitation system at the new jail facility at Tooele County, UT. The system consists of 27 inmate and visitor stations. Once the facility is populated, public and professional visitors can participate in visits while on site as well as from remote locations, via the Internet


Salem County, NJ

VISITTECH and iWebVisit complete the installation of a video visitation system at Salem County, NJ. The system consists of 29 inmate and visitor stations. The system allows public and professional visitors to participate in visits while on site as well as from remote locations, via the Internet.


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